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Explanation on Athangudi Tiles - How It Works ?

There are thousands of villages in Indian soil. There are numerous ones worth remembering because of their geographical position and a good number because of their significant role and participation in Nation Building. If cities are shining with talent abound, it is quite natural because of the facilities available in them. But if a village has to excel and stand in the forefront with buzzing economic activity, it is like a light shining in pitch darkness. One such village is Athangudi, in Shivagagai District of Tamilnadu, India.

Athangudi tiles, named after the place of manufacture in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu, come in myriad colors and patterns and are made by a unique process using local soil. These tiles are a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the Chettiar community, who effectively adapted many influences to their own brand of local craftsmanship. The designs and colors used in Athangudi Tiles are still those of a bygone era. However, off late new designs and patters are being incorporated.

The artisans say the charisma of these tiles is due to the sand, which is of just the right composition. The Athangudi tiles are hand-made. Even before invasion of mechanized making of floor tiles such as ceramic, vitrified, marble and granites,these flowering tiles of Athangudi were a match of its own class and they competed with imported ones of Japan and Italy. However, having little shelf life and relatively slow manufacturing process, these tiles are not much in demand. The situation has led to the decline in the market. Athangudi tiles need revival. It needs support and encouragement.

Hope this rich cultural heritage is not lost in times to come.


STEP 1 : Contact us with needed information like Area of Tiles in need ( Sqr. Feet ) with Construction Site location ( City / Village / State ).

STEP 2 : Choosing designs and colors from the existing designs available. New designs can also be sent and incorporated. The time frame is also mentioned.

STEP 3 : Once the design is finalized, we will quote the approximate costing depending on the covered area and size of the tiles.

STEP 4 : After the costing is agreed upon, we take 50% advance in order to start making the tiles. Normally, we need 20 days for manufacturing 1000 sqr.ft. of Tiles.*

STEP 5 : In the beginning of the process, it is advisable to visit us personally and see the tiles and approve it.

STEP 6 : Once the order is complete, we take remaining 50% of the amount before transporting the same to the scheduled location. The transportation cost is borne by the buyer.

STEP 7 : If the buyer requests, We send our artisans with the order to lay the tiles. Mason/artisan charges are different as per buyer's requirements.


* Note : Tiles are being produced only on the basis of Customer's Fresh Order. At normal circumstances, the inventory of ready stocks are not available at our company.  So it is advicible to contact us in an early stage of your construction work. CONTACT US now.



No.2, James Tower,
Anna Garden, Velachery
Chennai - 600 042.
Landmark: Near Gurunanak College

Main Office & Factory:

M/s. Selva Industries
Main Road
Athangudi - 630 101,
Sivagangai District.

How to Reach ?


Email :

+91 - 4565 - 281 461
(Athangudi - Factory)

Whatsapp: +91 - 98424 70603

Mobile :
+91 - 94424 03696
(Athangudi - Factory)

+91 - 99401 39839
(Chennai - Showroom)