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More than 100 years ago, Mr. Arulanantham Pillai who resided in Athangudi Village, was the Chief Mason of construction and cement tiles with Slab and Jolly Makers. His son, Mr. A. Amirthaswamy Pillai ( in picture - top ) introduced fully glazed  "Athangudi Tiles"  not less than 80 years ago. This was started when the government of Great Britain was ruling India. Initially everything were not going well for him to popularize his newly introduced flower tile works. But very soon, it became famous in the midst of not only the ordinary people living around him, but the important persons everywhere in the society, including, the Englishmen, rulers and Landlords.

Mr. Pillai was better known for his work with quality and punctuality on delivering the manufactured tiles. His lifetime is being praised till now, by many the long time customers of Athangudi Tiles. After he passed away, his son Late, Mr. Selva ( in picture ) continued his works to make the monument alive.

Mr. Alex with his brother Mr. Arun, the grandsons of the respectful human Mr. Pillai, now runs the famous Selva Industries who are pioneers in Athangudi Tiles.

Mr. Alex is not only involved with Athangudi Tiles, he is also Secretary of The Federation of Chettinad Athangudi Floor Tiles Association. He is striving hard to promote not only Athangudi Tiles, but also other handicrafts of the Chettinad region. Selva Industries has undertaken many prestigious projects. They have successfully executed assignments for prestigious organizations like:

Hotel Ashok - Bangalore | High Commission of India - Colombo | Golden Eye Exhibition - New Delhi |  

ITDC office - Bangalore | Mahindra Resorts - Coorg | Pandiyan Hotel - Madurai

... to name a few.

The Selva Industries have now become synonym with Athangudi Tiles. Their contribution in conserving and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Athangudi Tiles is highly appreciated by their clients and the media. They have received many letters of appreciations and have bestowed with rave reviews in Newspapers.

Mr. Alex is being honored with an award for conservation of the traditional craftsmanship of Chettinad by The Delhi Tamil Sangam, New Delhi.

Mr. Alex is receiving an Award in Karaikudi for preserving the rich tradition of Athangudi Tiles presented by few NGOs together with Alagappa University and Nabad Bank.



No.2, James Tower,
Anna Garden, Velachery
Chennai - 600 042.
Landmark: Near Gurunanak College

Main Office & Factory:

M/s. Selva Industries
Main Road
Athangudi - 630 101,
Sivagangai District.

How to Reach ?


Email :

+91 - 4565 - 281 461
(Athangudi - Factory)

Whatsapp: +91 - 98424 70603

Mobile :
+91 - 94424 03696
(Athangudi - Factory)

+91 - 99401 39839
(Chennai - Showroom)